Order Verification

Documents you may need to provide

In order to provide the best possible service to our customers, we have implemented order verification measures for your security. If you've placed an order (over $300 USD) with Nameless Clueless Fameless, you may be contacted and requested to provide additional information to verify your order before it is dispatched.


Completing the order verification process

You will be asked to complete the process in this way:

By email: Upload documentation

If we ask you to send documentation, you'll need to upload it to our secure share site to confirm your identity.


Documents types

We'll need a few things to verify your identity before completing your order. Please upload the following documents using the secure link received in email:

  • A digital copy or photo of a valid state-issued ID, or Driver's License. 


Document criteria

Please ensure your document/s meet the following criteria:

  • The name on the ID matches the primary account holder's name only, not the name of an authorized user or someone else in the household.
  • For photos of your ID, kindly take them in a well-lit area, and make sure images are legible.
  • The name and address on the ID are fully visible.



The documents you have uploaded will only be used to identify your identity and the validity of your order. Nameless Clueless Fameless will not download these documents, and will delete them from our system once your identity has been verified.


Submit your documents within 72 hours

If we do not receive the documents within 72 working hours after the verification email has been sent, your order will be cancelled. 


What happens next

When the image of your ID has been reviewed and verified, the order will be approved and processed for shipment. You will receive a dispatch notification with the tracking number once your order ships.


Questions? Contact us

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at NamelessCluelessFameless@gmail.com.